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    9 Things I Didn’t Know About First Trimester of Pregnancy

    For all the new and expecting mommas out there like me, this post is for you! Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but it can be very difficult for some. If I’m being honest, it’s been much harder than I ever expected. Although at times I feel like my heart is going to explode from love and excitement, there have also been times I have felt confused and lonely because I had no idea how tough pregnancy could be. 1- Pregnancy is different for every woman This is incredible to me. Each pregnancy is a little story within itself. Some may have no symptoms and others have to nearly…

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    Fall Bucket List 2020

    Make butter beer (RECIPE HERE) Watch Harry Pottery Try a new stew recipe Watch football Surprise a friends with a little gift Make crockpot applesauce Go for a walk in the crisp air Burn fall candles Take a long guilt free nap Carve pumpkins Decorate for Fall Plant a Fall garden Buy pumpkins Roast Pumpkin seeds Drink cider Go to a haunted house with friends Binge read a book Watch Hocus Pocus Enjoy a fire Do a fall puzzle or two Watch a scary movie Make caramel apples Host Thanksgiving Day Do a fall house cleaning in preparation for the holidays

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    We Bought a Canoe

    I love taking credit for good ideas but this one was Aaron’s idea. Last week we bought a canoe and took it to Lake Martin! It was so much fun. The canoe we bought is apparently a pretty popular canoe because I had many messages from IG followers saying they had the same canoe! I didn’t know canoeing was so popular! I can totally see why though! The canoe we bought is a Saranac 146 Canoe by Old Town. This canoe has two padded contoured seats with SEATBACKS! Pretty comfy! It also has a little storage space and cup holders. You know – you GOTTA have a cold drink on…

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    Orange Beach Trip

    Wow, within a week I made two trips to the beach! One trip with my family and then went back for another trip with my husband, Aaron, to celebrate his 30th birthday! I’m not one who travels often but I LOVE a good beach trip!  I’ve been going to the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area since I was a kid. I have wonderful memories of these Alabama beaches as a kid with my family and friends and I’ve made new(ish) memories as an adult with my husband.  There’s something special about the white sand along a blue gulf. We love to sit on the beach with good books and take lots…

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    We Bought a Stock Tank

    That’s right! We went for it and invested in our own stock tank for a swimming pool! One day we definitely want an in-ground swimming pool, but this will do for now. We really wanted something to enjoy this summer, so we took the plunge! Details The tank can hold up to 700 gallons, and it’s 8 ft wide + 2ft deep. Only about $400 from Tractor Supply! I feel like we’re going to live in it on the hot days, so the price was totally worth it to us. We also bought a filter for it, but it hasn’t come in quite yet. I’ll keep you posted on the filter details.…

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    Summer Sandal Sale

    I love a good pair of sandals. In the summer time that’s pretty much all you’ll ever see me in! All of these are buy one get one FREE right now!! Right? HURRY! Click the shoe to start shopping some of my favorite picks! Now is the time to stock up!

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    Using What You Have and Being Grateful

    This has been such a time of worry, sadness and anxiety. It’s been heavy. Even so, I have found a sense of grounding in gratitude and that’s come from using what I have. Honestly, it’s unlike anything I have ever felt before. It’s all in the little things. The other day I couldn’t figure out what to make us for lunch. I saw pasta and threw together a little pasta salad not using the ingredients I would typically use. I’ll tell you, as I dug through my pantry and fridge, I became so grateful for each item I could find to throw in a pasta salad. Some carrots that were…

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    30 Things to do During Your Time at Home

    I know many of us are either on lockdown or self quarantining. I’ve decided to make the most out of the time at home. I’ve compiled a list of 30 things to do during the time at home. Hope you enjoy!  Bake Bread    Restyle a Shelf Using What You Have   Pull Up Weeds In Your Garden Beds    Go For a Long Walk    Start a Donate Pile    Make Your Bed Every Day    Enjoy a Cup of Coffee Outside   Order Some Plants    Facetime Your Family    Invent a New Recipe Using What You Have   Take a Long Bath    Start a Book  …

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    Our Recent Disappointment

    I wish I were writing this post with new happy news. We were bursting at the seams from not sharing with you all. In fact, I had documented hundreds of stories and pictures for my Instagram just preparing for the day we could announce. We were under CONTRACT for the house of my dreams. Really, it was the house of my dreams. In fact, with the intention of building one day, I had drawn a layout nearly identical on a piece of paper last spring. Little did I know that a house with a nearly identical layout already existed. This home was over 100 years old and had an old…

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    Princess Movies and Pink Snacks – Valentine’s

    Who doesn’t love a movie day with a marble tray full of PINK & RED snacks?! I know me and my lil sis sure do. It’s always a joy to have my 11 year old sister, Kelbee, around. I try to make things extra special for her so we came up with this little idea to go along with our Disney princess movie watching day. IT’S PERFECT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR! This whole saga began with a trip to the grocery store! Kelbee and I walked the aisles looking for fun bright snacks that are pink and red. I think part of the fun was picking and planning the…

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