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    Hats + Blanket on a Wall

    Do you ever get tired of seeing the same murals or shelves on the walls in your bedroom? If you’re thinking about changing up your wall decor any time soon, this post is for you! I love how this wall in our bedroom went from blank to cozy in a matter of minutes! It was seriously the easiest decor project I’ve ever done.  Simple Decor The hats are all vintage finds from yard sales and antique stores. You could totally use new hats, too! I added a bit of cozy by hanging an urban outfitters blanket on a gold hook. You can take either or both of these ideas and easily fill a…

  • Lifestyle

    Orange Beach Trip

    Wow, within a week I made two trips to the beach! One trip with my family and then went back for another trip with my husband, Aaron, to celebrate his 30th birthday! I’m not one who travels often but I LOVE a good beach trip!  I’ve been going to the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area since I was a kid. I have wonderful memories of these Alabama beaches as a kid with my family and friends and I’ve made new(ish) memories as an adult with my husband.  There’s something special about the white sand along a blue gulf. We love to sit on the beach with good books and take lots…

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    New Hearth & Hand Items

    Hearth and Hand at Target is one of my favorite lines! I love the casual comfy vibe of it. I also love how they keep it fresh every few months. Here’s a list of some new items that really stuck out to me! Some of these I’m ordering ASAP! As always THANK YOU for shopping my affiliate links and visiting my blog!  CLICK THE ITEM TO SHOP: Glass & Wood Coffee Pour Over French Press Sour Cream Large Glazed Pie Dish Gray Refined Stoneware Mug Amber Glass Candle Holder Coffee Scoop Apple Pie Recipe Flour Sack Kitchen Towel ‘Keys’ Brass Hook Faux Potted Plant Faux Golden Aspen Leaves Wreath

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    New Curtains in the Bedroom

    Sometimes a space just needs freshening! Curtains can be the magic to making your space come alive again! For the past few years we’ve had drop cloth curtains in our bedroom. (You can read how to do those here) I’ve loved the “airy” look of drop cloth curtains in our bedroom for the past few years but now I’m wanting to add more warmth and depth.  I know “it’s just curtains” but it made such a big difference in our room that I just had to write about it. The pattern on these curtains is subtle and I love that but what really made a statement is something that was actually an…

  • Decor

    Hanging a Plant

    I recently gave this little space in our living room a refresh and had to share. I love making each space in our home feel cozy and inviting. Even those tiny awkward spots! On this wall is our thermostat. It’s unfortunately very noticeable in our living and far from pretty, so I’ve had to be creative in order to hide it.  It all started with hanging a plant and finding a gold chair. You can read more about that here. Not only is this wall the perfect size for a hanging plant, it also hides the thermostat – it’s a win win! Gold is my go to color right now, so I ordered this beautiful gold…

  • Decor,  Homemaking

    I Bought a Gold Velvet Chair

    I love gold! It’s one of my favorite colors. This old velvet chair was at my local thrift store for $30. SOLDDDDDDD! I originally bought it for my booth but now I’m thinking it has found a home in my home. Gold I love a pop of richness in a home. Gold is a go to color for me. It brings warmth and classiness to a space. If your space is feeling cold, add a bit of gold! Ha, I didn’t mean for that to rhyme! But it’s true!! The tuff and velvet really add charm too! Cleaning the Vintage Chair I gave it a good cleaning with an all…

  • Classic Cottage Co.

    5 Tips for your Antique Booth this Summer

    This blog post is for all of you antique store booth owners out there (or even those of you who may be flirting with the idea of having an antique booth). I’m bringing you 5 tips for your antique booth this summer. These have personally helped me, so I’m hoping they will be beneficial to you, too! Brighten those colors! Add some summer life to your booth. I always think in terms of seasons when working my antique booth. Right now, especially, those bright greens, whites and blues should be in full force in your booth. I’ve even seen people use a color theme of red, white and blue all summer long. Honestly, it doesn’t matter…

  • Garden

    6 of my Favorite Plants for Outside

    Over the past two years I have realized deep down I’m a plant girl. I still don’t know all the plant things, but I’m learning. If it has anything to do with nature… bring it on! It’s what makes me the most happy. Here’s a list of my favorite outdoor plants right now! Knock Out Roses – how gorgeous are these?! The color has to be my favorite part, and they’re so fitting for summertime. These bloom continuously from spring until frost, so they’re the perfect plant for growing almost all year round. These would be so pretty paired with spring and summer decor in the sun! Endless Summer Hydrangeas – I…

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    I painted our Mantel BLACK

    BE BOLD Yes, I painted our mantel black!! Honestly, I had no idea if I would love it or not. However, I love it indeed! We did already have touches of black in our house. The treads on our staircase are painted black, and we have a beautiful old black cabinet in our dining room. But still… painting this mantel felt SO BRAVE!  What Makes Black So Good? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of white on white on white, and I will be always and forever! But this pop of black added a touch of richness to the space that white just couldn’t do. Suddenly, the fireplace…

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    Summer Tablescape

      Tablescapes are one of my favorite ways to be creative! They can be so fun and pretty! I especially love summertime table decor. All the colors and fresh fruit make for such lovely space.  Layering is KEY Every table needs LAYERS! I used this beautiful gauze runner that I dyed last fall as my top layer. Next I added some Classic Pink Caladium plants that I bought from a local nursery. I repotted them in a terra cotta bowl. The terra cotta color mixed with the colors of the caladium plant gives a nice bang. The PINK is perfect for dressing up a summertime table. Best part about this centerpiece? The plants can be enjoyed long after…

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