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    Our Family Chili Recipe

    Cooking cozy fall recipes is so much faster and easier with Walmart+.  Fall is officially right around the corner and I’m enjoying the cool weather that’s been coming with it. Bring on all the cozy feels of comfort food! I’m sure most of you can agree there’s nothing like a bowl of warm chili on a fall weekend. I want to share a Bowman family recipe with you today. Papaw Bowman’s recipe (Aaron’s grandfather who passed a few years ago) is hands down my favorite chili. The unusual thing about is the ranch beans. I had never heard of ranch beans before tasting his chili, but I really do believe that’s the secret ingredient. …

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    Pineapple Punch

    Looking for a refreshing pineapple punch recipe perfect for hanging by the pool? Or maybe after a long day in the sun? I’m sharing our go-to pineapple punch recipe you HAVE to try! HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL NEED 3oz pineapple juice  2ox pina colada mix  shaken in a mixer, pour over ice and top with ginger ale garnish with pineapple slice.  For a little extra fun you could also add some rum! PIN THIS FOR LATER:

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    Gardening with Walmart+

    Can we just talk about how convenient Walmart+ is?! I seriously use it all the time for gardening items since we spend a good bit of time in our garden each week. We buy so many of our garden and household items from Walmart+. That being said, whenever I need something I just pull up the app and order it. I know it will be here by the end of the week which is something I love about Walmart+. One of the main benefits is their free shipping with no order minimum required (excludes freight & Marketplace items). If you haven’t heard about the Walmart+ membership, you are going to thank me! Though the…

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    Fourth of July Trail Mix

    The Fourth of July is such a fun holiday! All things red, white and blue mixed with SUMMER! My festive heart loves it! This is an EASY throw together trail mix that’s yummy and has RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! It’s perfect to enjoy as a Fourth of July snack! Also great by the pool!  What You’ll Need:  3 cups LIFE cereal  2 cups chocolate covered pretzels  2 cups mini marshmallows  1 cup chocolate covered raisins  1 cup pretzels  1 pkg red, white & blue M&M’s   What You’ll Do: Combine everything listed above and serve it in a cute bowl! To be extra festive you can add a little decor…

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    We Got a Pool

    Feels like a my childhood dream came true. Well really my childhood dream did come true!  Growing up I always wanted a pool so as an adult I bought one. We’ve had lots of curiosity about the details of our pool – size, cost, liner, ect.. so I figured it would be good to do a blog post with all the details.  Why We Got a Pool Because we’re teenagers at heart. Kidding. We got it because it’s something Aaron and I have always wanted. We recently started a complete home remodel. Aaron has mostly handled the managing of that remodel himself. The pool is something I wanted to do…

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    Free Assembly

    Okay, I just got a Free Assembly haul in! I just had a baby and needed to freshen up my clothes so I bought some cute Free Assembly clothes from Walmart. If I’m honest, I was a little nervous about trying these on initially because my body has changed since becoming a mother. I felt so confident trying on clothes from Free Assembly. The clothes are not only great quality but also fit very well. Feeling confident in clothes weeks after having a baby is so wonderful. Free Assembly is one of my go-to clothing lines when it comes to fashion-forward pieces with great price points. I purchased the CUTEST…

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    Postpartum Essentials

    I’m four weeks postpartum and I’ve had many request I share a list of my postpartum “must haves.” Some of these items were lifesavers in the days after birth and some of these items I’m still using now! I hope this list helps, little momma!! 1- Slippers Cozy must! I ordered these soft plush slippers a few weeks before having Remington. Some type of slippers at the hospital is a must! I really loved (and still do!) these!! 2 – Robe Aaron gifted me this robe for Mother’s Day the day we went to the hospital. Ohhhh, it was PERFECT! Several IG buddies recommended packing a robe in my hospital…

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    Kitchen Backsplash

    Today was a big day! Our backsplash was installed in the kitchen. I’ve been dreaming of this for awhile now. I wanted a slab of quartz to climb the wall from counters to the tongue and groove on our ceiling. For some reason I had a hard time envisioning tile or wood for a backsplash behind the range. I told Aaron, “I just picture a big ol’ slab of something..” So we decided to ask the company who installed our counters about it! This is quartz. It’s the exact same as what we have on our countertops. I originally wanted marble in the kitchen but we were advised countless times…

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    Growing Grass – Walmart +

    Walmart+ is our go to! Yep, even for grass seeds. Let me explain. We recently added a pool to our yard, so our yard is a muddy disaster. Our goal is to make this space our own little paradise and the first step to doing that is to add some green grass. We have a three week old baby and both of us are back working. We don’t have the time to hunt all around town looking for supplies. That’s a lot of time spent on the project BEFORE it’s even begun. Thanks to Walmart+ we didn’t have to! One of the many reasons we love Walmart+ is the fast free shipping.…

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