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I Bought a Gold Velvet Chair

I love gold! It’s one of my favorite colors. This old velvet chair was at my local thrift store for $30. SOLDDDDDDD! I originally bought it for my booth but now I’m thinking it has found a home in my home. 


I love a pop of richness in a home. Gold is a go to color for me. It brings warmth and classiness to a space. If your space is feeling cold, add a bit of gold! Ha, I didn’t mean for that to rhyme! But it’s true!! The tuff and velvet really add charm too! 

Cleaning the Vintage Chair 

I gave it a good cleaning with an all purpose cleaner and vacuumed the upholstery. Then I sprayed it vigorously with a disinfectant. 


Thrifted Love 

Yes, it’s thrifted! Like I said it was only $30. I’m pretty sure it had just come in the store because it didn’t even have a price tag yet. I’m pretty sure most of our home is thrifted. 

I’m so happy with this chair. You never really know what you’ll find second hand! I encourage you to walk through thrift stores, yard sales and antique stores with an open mind! You can create a beautiful home without spending much money! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Kiss kiss!! 


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