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    Sausage English Muffin Recipe

    This is a very special recipe to me. I remember my Nonna making it when I was young then giving the recipe to my mom who would make it every Holiday. To me this recipe is Christmas morning on a muffin. It brings back so many memories of the home I grew up in. One day I plan on making it for my baby and many years after that as our family grows! I hope you enjoy this recipe and have a Merry Christmas! What you’ll need: 1 pack of sausage 1 jar old english cheese 1 pack of english muffins What you’ll do: First brown the sausage meat on…

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    Christmas Treats with Walmart

    Mark your calendars… it’s time for a holiday bake night! If it’s not planned, it most likely won’t happen since this is THE busiest time of the year. It’s important to set a date and time so you can order everything you need! Walmart makes it so easy for you and your loved ones to plan. From the ordering online to the curbside pickup, it’s seriously the most convenient way to get what I need during the holidays (and a pandemic)! I was able to text Aaron a day, a time, and order what we wanted for our holiday baking date night. Now we have wonderful memories to let years and…

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    Skeleton Candy Buffett

    Happy (almost) Halloween, it’s time for a candy and popcorn feast – no trick or treating required! I wanted to have some fun with food and decided to go with a spooky, tasty skeleton theme with a variety of different snacks. I bought this Skeleton from Walmart for under $10. I knew right when I saw it what I wanted to do. I filled it with candy and popcorn because I wanted a good mix of sweet and salty! I tried to use lots of red candy for the insides to portray a creepy look along with gummy worms and gummy frogs for a spooky vibe. Everyone loves popcorn and one bag can go…

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    Fall Island Centerpiece

    Hi, friends! It’s  fall and I’m so excited to share this beautiful centerpiece arrangement that sits beautifully on our kitchen island. For all you decorators out there, if you’re planning to make a centerpiece for fall this year, I totally suggest investing in a pretty vase. I personally invested in this large vase because I felt like the vase is a piece I’ll be using season to season, all year long! Inside the vase are stems! Stems like this are a great way to add a festive fall touch to any space. I used a combination of stems to add a variety and mixture to the centerpiece. Some I’ve had for years that are…

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    Kitchen Organization Essentials

      ORGANIZATION BINS (SET OF 2): I love these clear containers for the fridge! They are also stackable and come in a set of 2. We keep our drinks in them in the fridge, and even snack bars in the pantry cabinet. These are perfect for so many places. BAGEL CANISTER: I never knew there was such a thing! It’s genius, don’t you think? This food storage container by Better Homes & Gardens is perfect for keeping your pantry and countertops clean. METAL LAUNDRY BASKET: This laundry caddy has a large compartment and can hold , standard spray bottles and cleaners and small compartments are great for sponges, brushes, gloves, and rags. EGG HOLDER: This egg holder provides a…

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    Photo Wall Art

    What better wall art than pictures of your beautiful family? Weather it’s you and your fur baby or significant other or maybe you’ve got a million grandkids, those beautiful faces are sure to brighten your walls and heart! For a while I sadly got away from using pictures of us as decor in our home. So I decided to make up for that lost time in a big way! Poster size, babe!!  Yep, I had poster size pictures of me and Aaron printed! Of course I chose two of my favorite pictures. One of us taken for the GRAM in the garden with my iPhone and the other is a…

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    New Curtains in the Bedroom

    Sometimes a space just needs freshening! Curtains can be the magic to making your space come alive again! For the past few years we’ve had drop cloth curtains in our bedroom. (You can read how to do those here) I’ve loved the “airy” look of drop cloth curtains in our bedroom for the past few years but now I’m wanting to add more warmth and depth.  I know “it’s just curtains” but it made such a big difference in our room that I just had to write about it. The pattern on these curtains is subtle and I love that but what really made a statement is something that was actually an…

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    I Bought a Gold Velvet Chair

    I love gold! It’s one of my favorite colors. This old velvet chair was at my local thrift store for $30. SOLDDDDDDD! I originally bought it for my booth but now I’m thinking it has found a home in my home. Gold I love a pop of richness in a home. Gold is a go to color for me. It brings warmth and classiness to a space. If your space is feeling cold, add a bit of gold! Ha, I didn’t mean for that to rhyme! But it’s true!! The tuff and velvet really add charm too! Cleaning the Vintage Chair I gave it a good cleaning with an all…

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    What’s in our Garden

    Aaron and I planted a garden this year! (You can read more about it HERE) It’s been such a joy to watch grow! I’ve had lots of questions about what all we’re growing so I figured I’d make a list! Here’s what we have in our first garden!  Vegetables/Fruit  Cucumber  Big Boy Tomatoes  Grape Tomatoes  Romaine Lettuce  Garden Peas  Okra  Bell Pepper  Strawberries  Blueberries  Flowers/Herbs  Knockout Roses  Lots of Roses  Sunflowers  Boxwood Basil  Tarragon  Lavender  Rosemary  We have lots more herbs and flowers in the side lawn off the kitchen. This is just a list of what’s in the garden!           

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    Our Garden

    2020 has been a challenging year for so many. But I can say one good thing came out of it! Our sweet garden. This is my first real garden. Last year, I started with some herbs and hydrangeas and that really built my confidence. This year I went with a full on vegetable garden and lots of flowers. Aaron built us some raised beds (Click HERE to see how you can build some raised beds too!) We had lots of time at home and I had a new hobby and he had a design for the whole space.  In the early days of planning our garden, I asked Aaron “where…

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