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Fruitcake Balls

Let me start by saying this is a recipe my mom made ever Christmas Eve of the Eve. I have WONDERFUL memories of growing up being at home eating these the week of Christmas. With that being said, my mom doesn’t measure ingredients when she cooks. She simply throws it all together and it always turns out amazing! So I’m going to give the measurements I use. You can give or take. The goal is to have a consistence that you can shape into a ball coated in powdered sugar! 


This pair great with a warm cup of coffee! 


What You’ll Need:

About 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 

About 2 cups vanila waffers crumbs

About 3 cups pacans finely chopped 

 16oz extra fancy fruitcake mix (You can find this in a plastic tub at the grocery store)

1 can eagle brand 

Powdered sugar 

What You’ll Do:

 You want your graham crackers, vanilla wafers and pecans to basically be crumbs. So use your food processor until they’re crumbs! 

Next put all the crumbs in a bowl. Add fruit cake mix and one can of eagle brand. Mix it all. It’s gonna feel sticky.

Sprinks some powdered sugar on a clean counter or cutting board. Roll the mixer into little balls then roll them into powdered sugar. Again, they’re going to be sticky so the coating of powdered sugar will help with that! Mom always says the longer they sit the better but I always sneak one or two immediately! Hope you enjoy this little recipe from Christmas past! 

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