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Wallpaper in The Guest Room

Wallpaper can do wonders to a room. Seriously, I’m amazed by this gold speckled peel and stick wallpaper. I wanted to add some character to our guest bedroom by adding a little wallpaper to a wall. This DIY took an ordinary room and made it into a funky glamorous space! 

It took me about two hours to do this wall. The more I did it, the faster I got. It really started speeding up in the end! 

What I did:

The wallpaper I used is a peel and stick. I cut it to size leaving a little room on the ends. Then peeled off the backing as I stuck it to the wall. Then I took my blade and cut around the trim. THIS IS THE BEST PART! It’s the TADA moment! 

The great thing about peel and stick – if you mess us, you can peel it off and stick in back on the wall until you get it right!! 

What I used:

There wasn’t much fuss to this project. The only “tool” I used was my utility knife. I bought both of these items from Target. The larger wall took 3 rolls of wallpaper. That made this entire project a little over $100! Totally WORTH IT! 


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