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    Want to Remodel Your House? Read This First!

    It’s Finally Done! Today we finally closed out our construction loan and closed on our regular mortgage! If you’ve been following along with our journey, you’ll know that we’ve been in a remodel project for the last year. And OMG let me tell you, it feels like we’ve been to hell and back… but WE DID IT! We remodeled our home completely inside and out. It was painful, but we came out with our house the way we want it for MUCH cheaper than buying a comparable home in our area.  We got a new addition, tore walls down, put walls up, completely redid the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, added HUGE picture…

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    We Got a Pool

    Feels like a my childhood dream came true. Well really my childhood dream did come true!  Growing up I always wanted a pool so as an adult I bought one. We’ve had lots of curiosity about the details of our pool – size, cost, liner, ect.. so I figured it would be good to do a blog post with all the details.  Why We Got a Pool Because we’re teenagers at heart. Kidding. We got it because it’s something Aaron and I have always wanted. We recently started a complete home remodel. Aaron has mostly handled the managing of that remodel himself. The pool is something I wanted to do…

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    We Bought a Stock Tank

    That’s right! We went for it and invested in our own stock tank for a swimming pool! One day we definitely want an in-ground swimming pool, but this will do for now. We really wanted something to enjoy this summer, so we took the plunge! Details The tank can hold up to 700 gallons, and it’s 8 ft wide + 2ft deep. Only about $400 from Tractor Supply! I feel like we’re going to live in it on the hot days, so the price was totally worth it to us. We also bought a filter for it, but it hasn’t come in quite yet. I’ll keep you posted on the filter details.…

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    Q & A – Garden Rock

    Over the weekend we had 4 tons of gravel delivered to our property for our garden. We’ve had the chicken coop out in this space for a few years and it’s always felt like it was just a random building in a random place on our land. When we decided we wanted to do raised beds for a vegetable garden, Aaron came up with this idea! He said we should put gravel around the chicken coop and make a mini farm in that area. It created such an awesome space on our land!  Like many other people, I really didn’t know much about rock but I’ve learned a few things over…

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