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    Easy Crockpot Turkey

    Thanksgiving Day is coming up! It’s such a special day. Family, food and relaxing – can a day get any better? I love all the yummy food.  Growing up I never really liked Thanksgiving turkey. I always thought it was dry and bland. But not this turkey! It’s is very flavorful and juicy! Not to mention, so simple to make! You will only need three ingredients and a crockpot! For years this has been our go to turkey recipe.  What You’ll Need: Turkey Breast with Bone  Olive Oil  Lawry’s Seasoned Salt  Crockpot  The Bird  So we usually get the smallest Turkey breast with bone that we can find unless we’re feeding…

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    5 Tips for Decorating for Christmas

    The Holidays are practically here! It’s truly my favorite time of year. Although I love decorating for Christmas, I’ll admit it can sometimes feel a little chaotic. I know many people feel this way and even avoid bringing out the Christmas decor. I hope these 5 tips for decoration for Christmas will help you!!  1 – Put Away the Fall Decor This is a MUST! It’s the first thing I do. Mixing seasons can be so stressful and this is a simple way to ease some of that unnecessary chaos! Before bringing out the Christmas go ahead and put away all the fall decor. Start with a clean slate, friend!…

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    Skeleton Candy Buffett

    Happy (almost) Halloween, it’s time for a candy and popcorn feast – no trick or treating required! I wanted to have some fun with food and decided to go with a spooky, tasty skeleton theme with a variety of different snacks. I bought this Skeleton from Walmart for under $10. I knew right when I saw it what I wanted to do. I filled it with candy and popcorn because I wanted a good mix of sweet and salty! I tried to use lots of red candy for the insides to portray a creepy look along with gummy worms and gummy frogs for a spooky vibe. Everyone loves popcorn and one bag can go…

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    Fall Island Centerpiece

    Hi, friends! It’s  fall and I’m so excited to share this beautiful centerpiece arrangement that sits beautifully on our kitchen island. For all you decorators out there, if you’re planning to make a centerpiece for fall this year, I totally suggest investing in a pretty vase. I personally invested in this large vase because I felt like the vase is a piece I’ll be using season to season, all year long! Inside the vase are stems! Stems like this are a great way to add a festive fall touch to any space. I used a combination of stems to add a variety and mixture to the centerpiece. Some I’ve had for years that are…

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    Vintage Clowns

    Many of you already know the back story regarding me and  vintage clown decor for Halloween. However, for those of you who don’t, I want to share! I’ve been around antiques my entire life, and I’ve always thought old clowns were a bit creepy! A few months ago, I was walking around an antique mall when these vintage clowns jumped out at me! They’re the perfect colors for our living room and give me that creepy vibe that I love for October 31!! It’s a bit out of the box for sure. Using clowns for decor is brave, even if it is Halloween. In fact, this turned out to be one of…

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    Fall Bucket List 2020

    Make butter beer (RECIPE HERE) Watch Harry Pottery Try a new stew recipe Watch football Surprise a friends with a little gift Make crockpot applesauce Go for a walk in the crisp air Burn fall candles Take a long guilt free nap Carve pumpkins Decorate for Fall Plant a Fall garden Buy pumpkins Roast Pumpkin seeds Drink cider Go to a haunted house with friends Binge read a book Watch Hocus Pocus Enjoy a fire Do a fall puzzle or two Watch a scary movie Make caramel apples Host Thanksgiving Day Do a fall house cleaning in preparation for the holidays

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    DIY Pumpkin Garland

    What you’ll need: (All of it’s linked!) Pumpkins Craft Twine  Sharpie (Optional) I wanted to add a little pumpkin garland to our fall mantel! I love all the festive things so why not add a few more pumpkins to the living room. With our mantel being black I decided to sharpie in a little black to these pumpkins but that’s totally optional. All I did was wrap the craft twine around base of the pumpkin stem. The stem on these pumpkins sorta lift up so it worked out perfectly. (If this didn’t work, I was fully prepared to break out my hot glue gun) I spaced each pumpkin on the…

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    Fall Mantel – Man on the moon

    This year I wanted to mix subtle Halloween vibes and bright fall colors in our home to display the best of both worlds! I thought the mantel in our living room was the perfect place to combine the two looks. To achieve my fall vision, I went with dark neutrals and bright foliage in a vase, and I absolutely love how it turned out. The faux stems add the perfect amount of whimsical fall touches to the room. Personally, I think the candle holders exhibit both Halloween and autumn vibes, so these were the perfect addition to my mantel decor. The Man on the Moon has to be my favorite piece in the entire…

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    Pampas Grass

    Pampas grass is a fall game changer. Funny thing – using it was actually my mom’s idea. She came to visit me last year and I asked her to make me a wreath so she went out in my yard and cut some pampas grass. Immediately, I was in LOVE!! It was one of the most beautiful wreaths I’ve ever seen. She cut a few extra stems for me to add into my fall decor decor to blend in the look.  I love that it’s neutral yet fluffy! I’ve recently learned it comes in several pretty shades of cream. That creamy neutral just blends with any Autumn color. Honestly you…

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