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    Outdoor spaces are one of my favorites to shop for and decorate. They’re also my VERY FAVORITE to enjoy this time of year. After recently painting our deck ( you can read more about that here ) I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post linking all of our deck decor! Some of these items are a splurge while others (like the LED outdoor solar light fixture) gave a nice BANG for my buck! Alright, here’s the items and links for our deck decor! As always, these items are affiliate links. Thank you so much for shopping through my links!!

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    Painting the Deck

    I painted our deck! I had a lot of questions on how I did it, and let me tell you, it was simple! So, I figured I would round up everything in a blog post. It’s absolutely amazing the difference this afternoon project made. Type of paint I used a paint called Advanced Deckover by Behr. When purchasing this paint you’ll find it comes in different textured finishes. I chose smooth. Color There were lots of beautiful color options. This time I picked Rose Beige. It’s the perfect rosey neutral! Never be afraid of paint colors! It’s just paint! How I painted You might be surprised when I tell ya,…

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    Decor Stacks Up!

    There is a simple art in stacking items. I love the repetitiveness of like items on top of each other. If you look closely at our home, you’ll see this is a trend throughout our spaces. It’s easy to do, especially in the kitchen! A lonesome item might look out of place until it’s grouped with others. For example, one or even two old ironstone plates would look odd on a shelf but collect a stack of ironstone and you’ve suddenly got a statement in your decor. Not to mention they’re fun to collect so this gives you an excuse to keep collecting! Who knew old white plates stacked high could look…

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    Bringing Outside Inside

    A few days ago I noticed our unruly privets starting to bloom white. I absolutely LOVE white florals. I’ve spent many minutes the past few days admiring them. Finally I decided to enjoy them inside in our home too! I snipped an armful of branches and dropped them in a glass jar  of water. Now I have a fresh look in the dining room and it was free! Do I know how long these will last? I have no clue. It could be a day or it could be three days. Either way we’re gonna enjoy them! Why not? Like I said they were FREE!! (So long as you don’t…

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    Mantel Refresh

    Finally… finally! We were able to hang a picture on our mantel. It’s been a struggle to figure out how to hang anything from this faux stone. But Aaron figured out a way! After nearly 6 years of daydreaming about what I could hang on this stone, I decided to hang an old pasture print. I love the detail of the gold frame against the white stone. It makes for an awesome contrast. Honestly, the picture is a bit small for this space, so I needed something to fill it in! So I went outside and clipped a large branch from a tree in our yard and put it in the extra…

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    Spring Shelf Styling

    Shelf styling was once a challenge for me until I realized I just needed to keep it simple! I usually freshen up my built in shelves once a season. This is my Spring look!  First thing I can tell you when styling shelves is to gather items that inspire you to change things out! For me that was a wood bowl, an old duck, and a new faux aloe plant. I usually lay out on my coffee table plenty of items I could use on the shelves and I shop from that gathering. All of these items have inspired me in some way for the season. This make the process…

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    Valentine’s Dinner – Party of 6

    Whether you’re among 10 people or 2, it’s a day to celebrate love! Tablescapes are so fun for me to put together. So why not do a big table for 6 to celebrate!  For this tablescape I tried to use items I already had! I did purchase a few things like the peachy pink runner and jug holding the rose wine! Both of those were thrift finds though! Local thrift stores are a great place to go when shopping for a tablescape.  My inspiration for this table came from all the “fun romantic” feels! That’s why I used lots of lace layers, many roses and pink dishes! The cotton candy…

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    Princess Movies and Pink Snacks – Valentine’s

    Who doesn’t love a movie day with a marble tray full of PINK & RED snacks?! I know me and my lil sis sure do. It’s always a joy to have my 11 year old sister, Kelbee, around. I try to make things extra special for her so we came up with this little idea to go along with our Disney princess movie watching day. IT’S PERFECT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR! This whole saga began with a trip to the grocery store! Kelbee and I walked the aisles looking for fun bright snacks that are pink and red. I think part of the fun was picking and planning the…

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    Simple Way to Add Winter Decor to Your Home

    Are you still struggling with your “winter” decor? Don’t overthink it, babe! Here’s a quick easy idea for ya! Some of my favorite songs paint winter scenes with their lyrics. Many times we call them “Christmas Songs” but really they’re winter songs. Christmas is only the beginning of winter. Christmas is a Holiday, winter is a season. The song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is winter. So many other songs are too! I remembered some of my favorite winter songs and turned the lyrics into wall art using letterboards! Now I can enjoy those sweet winter songs beyond Christmas through winter! There are so many songs with great lines for winter. Here’s…

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    Glass Jar + Fairy Lights

    Anyone else miss the warm glow of those little Christmas lights?  Here’s an easy way to add some fairly lights to your home this Winter (and even beyond Winter!) We all know Winter is long, dark and cold so the glow is sure nice to have!   All you need to achieve this look is a glass jar and fairy lights! Truth – you probably already have a glass jar you could use. Typically thrift stores have glass jars for cheap. This one came from dollar tree.  Just grab your glass jar and drop your battery fairy lights in it. The way the light reflects off the glass is so pretty. I…

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