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    Fall Mantel – Man on the moon

    This year I wanted to mix subtle Halloween vibes and bright fall colors in our home to display the best of both worlds! I thought the mantel in our living room was the perfect place to combine the two looks. To achieve my fall vision, I went with dark neutrals and bright foliage in a vase, and I absolutely love how it turned out. The faux stems add the perfect amount of whimsical fall touches to the room. Personally, I think the candle holders exhibit both Halloween and autumn vibes, so these were the perfect addition to my mantel decor. The Man on the Moon has to be my favorite piece in the entire…

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    Pampas Grass

    Pampas grass is a fall game changer. Funny thing – using it was actually my mom’s idea. She came to visit me last year and I asked her to make me a wreath so she went out in my yard and cut some pampas grass. Immediately, I was in LOVE!! It was one of the most beautiful wreaths I’ve ever seen. She cut a few extra stems for me to add into my fall decor decor to blend in the look.  I love that it’s neutral yet fluffy! I’ve recently learned it comes in several pretty shades of cream. That creamy neutral just blends with any Autumn color. Honestly you…

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    Photo Wall Art

    What better wall art than pictures of your beautiful family? Weather it’s you and your fur baby or significant other or maybe you’ve got a million grandkids, those beautiful faces are sure to brighten your walls and heart! For a while I sadly got away from using pictures of us as decor in our home. So I decided to make up for that lost time in a big way! Poster size, babe!!  Yep, I had poster size pictures of me and Aaron printed! Of course I chose two of my favorite pictures. One of us taken for the GRAM in the garden with my iPhone and the other is a…

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    Fall Inspiration `

    Fall will be here soon, buddies! I’m so thrilled about that because I LOVE FALL time! I figured it would be fun to share some previous falls in our home. Hopefully you can draw some cozy inspiration from these!  Don’t forget to make some yummy treats this year! Here’s our butterbeer recipe! Trust me – it’s so yummy!  Simply adding some candy corn in a two gallon glass jar counts as decoration! It’s yummy too!  There is so much beauty in fall. Even washing off pumpkins looks pretty!  My mom and I made this wreath from pampas grass growing in my back yard. I treasure this sweet fall memory.  The porch…

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    Painting the Living Room Window Black

    Our Favorite Window This window is in many ways a signature of our home. It’s an identity of our home. No matter the season, folks know it’s our living room as soon as they spot this window. This pretty lookout was added to our 100 year old home by a previous owner years ago. It overlooks our back property and it’s one of my favorite things about the house.  A New Paint Trend This window was previously white, but we decided to change things up a bit and give the black window trend a try.  We love it!! As you know, there are lots of black accents in our home, so this…

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    Hats + Blanket on a Wall

    Do you ever get tired of seeing the same murals or shelves on the walls in your bedroom? If you’re thinking about changing up your wall decor any time soon, this post is for you! I love how this wall in our bedroom went from blank to cozy in a matter of minutes! It was seriously the easiest decor project I’ve ever done.  Simple Decor The hats are all vintage finds from yard sales and antique stores. You could totally use new hats, too! I added a bit of cozy by hanging an urban outfitters blanket on a gold hook. You can take either or both of these ideas and easily fill a…

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    New Hearth & Hand Items

    Hearth and Hand at Target is one of my favorite lines! I love the casual comfy vibe of it. I also love how they keep it fresh every few months. Here’s a list of some new items that really stuck out to me! Some of these I’m ordering ASAP! As always THANK YOU for shopping my affiliate links and visiting my blog!  CLICK THE ITEM TO SHOP: Glass & Wood Coffee Pour Over French Press Sour Cream Large Glazed Pie Dish Gray Refined Stoneware Mug Amber Glass Candle Holder Coffee Scoop Apple Pie Recipe Flour Sack Kitchen Towel ‘Keys’ Brass Hook Faux Potted Plant Faux Golden Aspen Leaves Wreath

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    New Curtains in the Bedroom

    Sometimes a space just needs freshening! Curtains can be the magic to making your space come alive again! For the past few years we’ve had drop cloth curtains in our bedroom. (You can read how to do those here) I’ve loved the “airy” look of drop cloth curtains in our bedroom for the past few years but now I’m wanting to add more warmth and depth.  I know “it’s just curtains” but it made such a big difference in our room that I just had to write about it. The pattern on these curtains is subtle and I love that but what really made a statement is something that was actually an…

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    Hanging a Plant

    I recently gave this little space in our living room a refresh and had to share. I love making each space in our home feel cozy and inviting. Even those tiny awkward spots! On this wall is our thermostat. It’s unfortunately very noticeable in our living and far from pretty, so I’ve had to be creative in order to hide it.  It all started with hanging a plant and finding a gold chair. You can read more about that here. Not only is this wall the perfect size for a hanging plant, it also hides the thermostat – it’s a win win! Gold is my go to color right now, so I ordered this beautiful gold…

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    I Bought a Gold Velvet Chair

    I love gold! It’s one of my favorite colors. This old velvet chair was at my local thrift store for $30. SOLDDDDDDD! I originally bought it for my booth but now I’m thinking it has found a home in my home. Gold I love a pop of richness in a home. Gold is a go to color for me. It brings warmth and classiness to a space. If your space is feeling cold, add a bit of gold! Ha, I didn’t mean for that to rhyme! But it’s true!! The tuff and velvet really add charm too! Cleaning the Vintage Chair I gave it a good cleaning with an all…

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