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St. Patrick’s Day Mocktail

Let’s get festive! St. Patrick’s Day is days away! Nothing like adding a little fun to life! Here’s a fun mocktail to make. It’s simple simple! Also, green and yummy! Hope you enjoy this little recipe! 

What You’ll Need:

Lime Sherbet 

7 Up 

Pineapple Juice 


Your Favorite Icing 

Gold Sprinkles 

Sour Punch Straws 

What You’ll Do:

Add a thin layer of icing to the edge of your glass rim and then turn the rim in a plate of gold sprinkles. Be sure to do this first!!! 

Drop 2 scoops of lime sherbet in the glass.

Add a splash (Not too little, not too much) of pineapple juice. 

Next fill the rest of the glass with 7 Up! 

Garnish with some sour punch straws! 

NOW enjoy! This is such a simple and fun drink to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! 

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