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Coastal Grandmother Finds From Walmart

Imagine stepping outside of your cedar shake covered home onto a dock that leads to the beach. You take a long stroll on the sand wearing your straw hat, white linen shorts and a beige long sleeves sweater. You come inside to prepare your special clam chowder recipe paired with fresh baked bread from the market. After dinner you snuggle up on your white sofa and read a book while enjoying a glass of wine or a warm cup of chamomile tea. You take pride in your hydrangeas and rose garden. You feel most comfortable in neutrals and you love good cooking. If this sounds fantastic to you, friend, you’ve got a little coastal grandmother running through your veins! 

This classic coastal style might feel out of reach. But that’s not entirely true! Even if you don’t live on a waterfront property, you can still find inspiration and use this style throughout your home. I’ve found so many beautiful classic coastal items at WALMART! You can easily bring a little classic coastal into your space on a budget at Walmart. 

I’ve gathered a few items that really stick out to me as a great coastal buy! Coastal Grandmother would go with very classic neutral dinnerware! Walmart has it! She also has beautiful wood cutting boards. Walmart has those also! 

With something wicker in each room and blue floral wallpaper, you’re on the right track to creating a beautiful space inspired by a classic coastal! Now just plant some roses outside and cook some lobster dinner. I’ve gathered some links from Walmart to help you keep within the budget! Remember soft neutrals, bits of florals, classic choices, wicker in each room and a lovely bistro set outside – all of which you can get from Walmart! 

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