Q & A – Garden Rock

Over the weekend we had 4 tons of gravel delivered to our property for our garden. We’ve had the chicken coop out in this space for a few years and it’s always felt like it was just a random building in a random place on our land. When we decided we wanted to do raised beds for a vegetable garden, Aaron came up with this idea! He said we should put gravel around the chicken coop and make a mini farm in that area. It created such an awesome space on our land! 

Like many other people, I really didn’t know much about rock but I’ve learned a few things over this process. Many people on Instagram asked questions about this process so we thought we could do a little Q&A!

Here’s a few Q & A’s we’ve gotten about the whole process!

Q – How much did it cost?

A – $290 including the delivery fee


Q – How much did we order?

A – We actually meant to order 3 tons, but when they loaded the truck it ended up being 4 tons and we said we’d take it! We have lots of use for gravel around our property.


Q – Did we use it all in the garden space?

A – Nope! We only used about 2 tons in the garden. We are glad for the extra to spread out beside the deck on the side of our house. 


Q – Why did we put a black tarp down? 

A – That’s a weed barrier landscape fabric. It will help prevent grass from growing up through through the gravel.  


Q – What brand weed barrier did we use?

A – Vigoro Weed Block


Q – How thick did we lay the rock?

A – About 3 inches thick.


Q – Did we put drainage underneath?

A – We didn’t. The particular area we put the garden is actually on a slight slope that allows it to drain naturally!


Q – Can we walk on it barefoot?

A – Honestly, I haven’t tried yet. But the rock is mostly rounded, so as long as you have those tough barefoot walkin’ feet, it should be fine!


Q – What kind of rock did we get?

A – We went with white pea gravel. I think that the color, size, and shape of the rock just fits our garden area perfect! 



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