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Showing Real Life While Growing an Instagram

I recently realized the key to making my photos look like our actual home. Yep, ACTUAL home. Because we do live here! It’s all in the little details, friends.

Bread, candles and animals.

Do you ever wonder what sets some photos apart from others? I did for quite a while. It’s when the photo/space looks live-able. Y’all, there’s a reason magazines pour lemonade in fancy glasses for their photoshoots. That glass of lemonade makes us feel like we could sit for a spell and enjoy life on someone else’s porch.



Placing food in a dining room or in kitchen is a perfect example of this! Some of my highest performing photos were taken right before we had breakfast and I snapped a picture of our kitchen moments before we dug into our cinnamon rolls. I think this helps those who see the photo fall in love with our kitchen because it seems usable and like real life. (Ha, and it also makes them hungry for cinnamon rolls!)

The little cozy details are so important too! Light those candles. It really makes a difference in the photo. Drape a blanket over the couch or bed so the space is relaxing and live-able. Dish towels over the sink adds nice texture. Books you truly love on the coffee table. (This may also strike conversation!) I’ve even left my handbag or shoes in a photo to make the space look like the home it actually is!

IMG_1844 2

Everyone loves fur babies, right? Add them to the shot! Those cute faces are perfect in the photo. I love when my fur babies pose for me and those that follow along in our journey love to see them too! 

I truly believe it’s important people know who actually lives in the space. So show yourself! Sometimes me and Aaron will make it into the squares! Those are typically my favorite photos because we really are so intertwined with our home… in REAL LIFE.


Okay, that’s some tips I’ve learned about making spaces look livable. Showing our real life has really helped readers/views get to know us personally!

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