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Painting the Deck

I painted our deck! I had a lot of questions on how I did it, and let me tell you, it was simple! So, I figured I would round up everything in a blog post. It’s absolutely amazing the difference this afternoon project made.

Type of paint 

I used a paint called Advanced Deckover by Behr. When purchasing this paint you’ll find it comes in different textured finishes. I chose smooth. 


There were lots of beautiful color options. This time I picked Rose Beige. It’s the perfect rosey neutral! Never be afraid of paint colors! It’s just paint! 

How I painted

You might be surprised when I tell ya, I used a big ol’ paint brush! I bought a roller and a brush but ended up taking the roller back. I started with under the stairs then painted the stairs and next I just painted board by board working my way towards the end of the deck. 


This project didn’t take long at all. I didn’t exactly time myself but I would estimate it took me less than 3 hours for our 12×12 deck. Of course the time it takes will differ depending on the size of the space.


1 – Make sure you clean your deck off first. 


2 – Also, make sure you have some great music or a good audiobook to enjoy. I listened to an awesome audiobook and it made the time go by pleasantly! 

The End

It was TOTALLY worth it! I feel like the deck looks like new again and I’m loving the color change! Tag me if this blog post helped you in your deck painting process! 


Deckover Paint 

Paint Brush

Solar Light 



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