$30 Walmart Christmas Tree

Time for part 2 of my Christmas Tree Fail!!! (Click HERE to read) I’ve already mentioned we’re going to chop down a live tree to enjoy this Christmas but until then (since live trees don’t last forever ?) I needed a little something to begin the Holiday season.

Who would have thought ol’ Wally World (Walmart) would come to the rescue?! On a side note –  Walmart has some major Christmas tree game. ? I left with a 6ft flocked tree for $30. WOAH!

Once I got home I thought it was a little short and that I needed to elevate it a bit. So I grabbed an old galvanized bucket and wedged the tree base in the bucket. Suggestion –  you could do the same with an old crock, basket, or a crate. This added just the right amount of height and some more texture too.

Then I added some LED lights! We actually ordered LED Lights from Amazon. Nearly every year I have section of lights go out on the Christmas tree mid December, which is the worst! Hopefully, these lights will take care of that problem!

Note – I learned not as many lights are needed on a flocked tree, in my opinion. The white makes the lights appear brighterAlso, I added another cute little 4ft Flocked Tree beside it! Shhhh – They’re close enough to share one strand of lights. ?

Hope this helps you have a beautiful budget friendly Holiday season!!

LINKS Below! ??

6ft Flocked Tree – Click HERE

LED Lights – Click HERE

4ft Flocked Tree – Click HERE



  • Kelly Berge

    Hi Karlee,
    I just discovered your little blog and I love it! I am definitely craft challenged and need so much help lol. I was wondering where you find a galvanized bucket, and then do you put anything else in it to keep it from tipping? Also, love, love your white wood ceiling and was wondering if you whitewashed it or painted it? I have a cedar ceiling that I would love to update and do something different with! 🙂

    • Karlee Bowman

      Hi Kelly! Thanks! I found the galvanized bucket at an antique store. I used some old towels underneath and around it to keep it steady. You could do the same with a basket from TJ Maxx or find a large old galvanized bucket from an antique store. The wood ceilings were already in our home when we purchased it. However, I think they’re painted with white latex paint. Hope this helps!!

  • Bernadette

    I’ve been wanting one for years but I’m worried that my (2) 1 year old male cats would love it more than me!!! I couldn’t keep them out of my tree last year.

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