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Tamale Pie

What you need:

1lb ground beef cooked and seasoned with taco seasoning 

1 can corn 

1 can black beans 

 1 can petite tomatoes 

1 cup cheese 


What You’ll Do:

Cook ground beef, drain and season with taco seasoning. Basically just like you would if you were making tacos. Then place ground beef in a sprayed 12″ cast iron skillet. 

Next drain your beans, corn and tomatoes and add them on top of the ground beef. 

Add 1.5 cups of grated cheddar cheese next. 

Next mis a batch of cornbread following the instructions on the cornbread packaging. Pour the cornbread mixture on top of the layers and bake! Bake the tamale pie as you word the cornbread – just follow the recipe on the back of the packaging! 

Enjoy!! This is a hit at The Bowman’s home! 


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