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Our Garden

2020 has been a challenging year for so many. But I can say one good thing came out of it! Our sweet garden. This is my first real garden. Last year, I started with some herbs and hydrangeas and that really built my confidence. This year I went with a full on vegetable garden and lots of flowers. Aaron built us some raised beds (Click HERE to see how you can build some raised beds too!) We had lots of time at home and I had a new hobby and he had a design for the whole space.

 In the early days of planning our garden, I asked Aaron “where should we plant a little garden?” and he walked around our nearly 4 acres and came back in with a plan! He had decided beside the chicken coop would make a lovely garden. He was right! Gets plenty of sun, the chickens “sorta” love the company when we’re tending it, and the ground is “sorta” level. I’ll never forget Aaron saying, “we can put some gravel and boarders here, and have some raised boxes over there.. I think it will be really nice..” So that’s what we did! (Click HERE to read more about our pea gravel.) 

So now this is a space of life! Lots of plants and three chickens. Many evenings Aaron feeds the chickens and I work in the garden. In many ways, the garden has brought us closer together. It was a project we both worked so hard for (yes, we shoveled 4 ton of rock!) It’s something we’ve grown together. Also, we spend lots of time out in the garden together. 

We’ve already seen a little “harvest” from all the hard work too! Let me tell ya, there is nothing like cooking with something you’ve grown! So that’s a little about our garden! Maybe this post will encourage you with your own garden skills! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 


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