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5 Tips for your Antique Booth this Summer

This blog post is for all of you antique store booth owners out there (or even those of you who may be flirting with the idea of having an antique booth). I’m bringing you 5 tips for your antique booth this summer. These have personally helped me, so I’m hoping they will be beneficial to you, too!

Brighten those colors! 

Add some summer life to your booth. I always think in terms of seasons when working my antique booth. Right now, especially, those bright greens, whites and blues should be in full force in your booth. I’ve even seen people use a color theme of red, white and blue all summer long. Honestly, it doesn’t matter the color combo you use for your booth as long as it all blends and feels like summertime! I’ll stick with the summer color tones until the beginning of September. 

Don’t oversell or overdeliver a product

Personally, I’m against too many online sales and over-deliverance as a booth owner. Why? Because you’re paying rent so let the store do the leg work. Also, you want customers to come to the booth. While they’re at your booth picking up that cute chair they saw you post about on Instagram, they’re likely going to pick up something else like an adorable $15 basket! If I do have a customer wanting an item I posted about, I direct them to the antique store to make the purchase. Sometimes they will even pay over the phone, which is fine as long as they do it through the store! The staff at the antique store will need to confirm the item is still there, in good shape and ready to sell. True story: I’ve had 5 people on a wait list for an item that was on hold in my booth within one hour of me posting it. Yes, post those items, but let the store sell it for you!

Think of College Kids 

Yep, it’s summer and that means fall semester is right around the corner. At this point, I’m making sure I have some good quality items that college kids will love. I make sure I’m fully stocked with mirrors and home decor items that students can put in their apartments and dorms. Back in the day, when I hustled mostly painted furniture, this was the craziest time of the year. I remember us bringing in dressers and they would sell before we even took them off the cart. And trust me when I say – the parents come expecting to shop and spend. They’re about to say goodbye to their babies and won’t say no to spending. All the heart strings are pulled.

Have Outdoor items

I know we think of this as a spring item, however, it sells in summer too! Also, we missed spring sales because of Covid-19. Stock your booth with outdoor items! Concrete art, patio sets and yard decor to name a few! 

Thanks for reading my summer tips for your antique booth. I really hope they help you! Hustle your heart out, friend! Make that money! I’m routing for you, you got this!


  • Cathy

    Great tips I am the past booth dealer of 6 at a time it was fun and you do hv to let your store do their part knowing what your customers want and or need is a big part because you will have repeat regular customers if you are someone who wants to try it put your toe in the water it’s fine 🌱🦋🌱

  • Sara Melson

    Great tips!! So true I was one of those moms shopping for dorm “touches”… so funny I’m sure I shopped your booth when my girls were at Auburn…🧡💙

  • Bri

    Was just shopping around an antique mall the other day telling my husband i would enjoy doing a booth. I’ll take all the tips and tricks. Some booths were over crowded. I’ve love seeing your booth on Instagram.

  • LA Donna Sullivan

    I don’t have a booth as of yet, but I thought your tips were very good, article was interesting & very truthful. I can just see mothers/daughters coming by the antique store looking for something different either for a dorm room or apartment! I can see the talking about where to put it in said place & also talking about their discovery of finding something maybe no one else has! So exciting! ❤ ❤

  • Lori

    I’ve wanted to have an antique booth for several years but with working full time and three teenage sons, I always felt I didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to it. Fast forward to the pandemic of 2020. I’ve lost my job of 23 years and have been doing nothing but DIY projects for three months. Your Instagram stories have inspired me to open an antique booth and I’m excited to say that I’m now on a wait list for an open booth. Thanks for these extra tips. I can’t wait to get started! And as the saying goes “when life closes one door, another opens”. Cheers to open doors!

    • Karlee Bowman

      Oh friend! I’m so glad it’s working out for you! You seem to have such a positive outlook. Fingers crossed a booth will open up for ya!

  • Cindi Sinkula

    Great post! I have had a booth for years and my interest is currently waning. We are only open 3 days a week because of covid . Your post was timely because I need to get in and refresh. I have been hesitant because we are not going in the right direction with covid. I am going to try and get in after hours.

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