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Cheap & Easy Valentine’s Day Banner

Grab some old paper books from the thrift store and get to cutting some hearts for an easy easy cheap Valentine’s Day banner. Here’s how I made mine!

What you’ll need – 

Jute String 


Hole Puncher 

Old Books (Any old novel will do.. careful not to use an antique book though!)

What to do – 

1 – Rip out some pages from the old books and begin to cut heart shaped pieces. I trimmed paper hearts to all different sizes to add size variation.

2 -Snap some holes in the hearts with your hole puncher. I punched holes on the side edge of each heart.

3 – Cut a line of jute string. Make sure you cut the string to the exact length you want the banner to be.

4 – One by one, place each heart on the jute string and tie a knot securing exactly where you want the paper heart.


You can hang this banner just about anywhere. Here’s a few ideas – across the mantel, above the kitchen sink, over a bed or drape it flat across a coffee/dining table.

This is a good craft to include the kiddos!! Let them cut the hearts and make memories together. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!


Karlee Bowman 



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