Barn Door Bliss

Last weekend we had a homeowner catastrophe. ? It happens to every homeowner, right? Especially those with nearly 100 year old homes!

Saturday – We spent nearly the entire day working on Classic Cottage. Our plan was to work my vintage mini shop on Saturday then continue building the chicken coop on Sunday. Well, Saturday night I need to get in our garage/shed building. The garage door was very old and not well made. In fact, Aaron had to turn into The Hulk to open the dang door. ?? (I couldn’t open it at all.??)

Somehow the door slid off the track and completely fell into Aaron’s arms. Plain and simple – The garage door broke. There was no moving it nor fixing it.

IT. WAS. BROKE. ??‍♀️

We were unable to get to anything in thing in or out of the shed. Including, our lawn mower and vintage pieces.

We quickly realized this issue would have to be addressed immediately. Heck, the grass needs to be cut!

Sunday’s plans changed. I was so disappointed to not work on the chicken coop. We went to Home Depot to buy supplies and Aaron began making barn doors for our old ugly shed.

I’m a person of planning then I like to stick to the plan at all cost. I was so upset about the plans being changed I stayed inside most of the day working on new pieces for Classic Cottage.

After a few hours, Aaron needed my help moving one of the doors.. Because I’m just so strong. ? ??‍♀️ At first glance I fell in love with these new doors! ? He did an amazing job!

The shed is still yucky but those barn doors have farm life written all over them.? I realized our home/land dream is a process. Sometimes the unexpected is good. I marched back outside and explained to Aaron despite the ugly shed I was going to purchase some dang magnolia wreaths and hang them proudly on those beautiful doors.

The whole structure isn’t perfect but the doors are so why not enjoy them! The unexpected isn’t always bad!
 Ps –  Our photographer is very creative and loved our old garage door! Go figure!!??





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