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The Twilight Wife

It’s been a minute since I wrote a book review. These days I typically stick with blogs about home decor, DIY projects or random post about being a picker.

However, I randomly picked up a book at Target ? (yep, my second favorite to Amazon store) and it just so happened to be GREAT! If you’re a reader like me, you know this occasion is rare. My time for reading is spare so I typically make sure a book is worthwhile before diving in head first! (Or Should I say nose first?!???? ) I made a good choice.

The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner is amazing! If time would have allowed, I could have read the entire book in an afternoon. This fictional story is absolutely gripping!?

So without spoiling the story I’ll give you a quick overview of what it’s about! The story is centered around a 34 year old lady named Kyra Winthrop. Kyra had a diving accident and lost part of her memory. She attempts to uncover her memory and the outcome is shocking.

This book was my first read by A.J. Banner; however, I just learned she has another book called The Good Neighbor which I will be ordering soon!!

If you’re looking for a good quick psychological thriller, The Twilight Wife is the book for you! ??


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