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    Time To Do the Little Projects

    I hung a picture. Honestly, like most things, it’s such a simple task. Yet I always feel guilty for taking the time to do it. Why? Because there is always Instagram DMs to reply to, items to price or emails that need responses. So many times these final touches or little projects get pushed to the back burner. Knowing I need to do them takes the fun out of the project, yet I feel guilty for putting all else aside to do those little tasks. Today, since my antique booth is closed and we haven’t been able to leave the house much, I had some extra time! And guess what!…

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    Using What You Have and Being Grateful

    This has been such a time of worry, sadness and anxiety. It’s been heavy. Even so, I have found a sense of grounding in gratitude and that’s come from using what I have. Honestly, it’s unlike anything I have ever felt before. It’s all in the little things. The other day I couldn’t figure out what to make us for lunch. I saw pasta and threw together a little pasta salad not using the ingredients I would typically use. I’ll tell you, as I dug through my pantry and fridge, I became so grateful for each item I could find to throw in a pasta salad. Some carrots that were…

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    Our Recent Disappointment

    I wish I were writing this post with new happy news. We were bursting at the seams from not sharing with you all. In fact, I had documented hundreds of stories and pictures for my Instagram just preparing for the day we could announce. We were under CONTRACT for the house of my dreams. Really, it was the house of my dreams. In fact, with the intention of building one day, I had drawn a layout nearly identical on a piece of paper last spring. Little did I know that a house with a nearly identical layout already existed. This home was over 100 years old and had an old…

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