30 Things to do During Your Time at Home

I know many of us are either on lockdown or self quarantining. I’ve decided to make the most out of the time at home. I’ve compiled a list of 30 things to do during the time at home. Hope you enjoy! 

Bake Bread 


Restyle a Shelf Using What You Have


Pull Up Weeds In Your Garden Beds 


Go For a Long Walk 


Start a Donate Pile 


Make Your Bed Every Day 


Enjoy a Cup of Coffee Outside
Order Some Plants 


Facetime Your Family 


Invent a New Recipe Using What You Have


Take a Long Bath 


Start a Book


Finish a Book 


 Clean Out Your Fridge 


Complete a Project You’ve Been Putting Off 


Watch a Long Movie and Don’t Feel Guilty 


Hang a Picture or Artwork 


Order a New Candle and Enjoy it 


Call Your Mom 


Call Your Dad


Binge Watch a Netflix Show 


Grill Dinner 


Wash Your Sheets 


Sit Down and Flip Through a Cookbook 


Splurge On an Etsy Item to Support a Small Shop 


Trim Your Shrubs


Text a Friend a Funny Meme


Play a Board Game 


Write a Letter 


Start Planning/Book Your Fall/Winter Vacation 



Wow, we finally have time to do some of those things we never have time to do. I hope this list helps you enjoy your family, space and time! Might as well make the most of this “slow down” time! 





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