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What Sold in my Vintage Booth During September

September was a great month for both locations of Classic Cottage. It’s always a joy to see what customers buy each month.

Fall Décor

Beginning September 1st, Fall décor sold QUICK! ? Customers were on the hunt for anything “pumpkin”.

Metal Beds

Ha, it’s actually funny how quick these sold! ?  Twice we had just finished assembling a metal bed and it sold within 5 minutes. Staging a bed in a booth requires physical and mental work, yet I was still very thankful for the QUICK sale!!

Chandelier Set

My personal favorite sale of September was this adorable set of chandeliers. ? They were identical, gold with sparky prisms. They weren’t for sale for the first two weeks because they made my booth so beautiful. However, after so many customers asked me about the pair, I gave in and put a price tag on each. No surprise, they sold within a few days.



Chandeliers are one of my main loves. ? Ha, this fact is quite obvious when scrolling through my Instagram.

We’ve wrapped up September! We’re already having a great October!! Thanks for reading my blog!! ?

Karlee Bowman 

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