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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is in a few weeks!! It’s time to order a gift, and have it shipped directly to Momma!! I’m also going to include my sister in the gift giving this year because she’s expecting her first child mid October.?? (Btw- Its a GIRL!!?) On Sunday May 14th, be sure to celebrate a special mom, grandmother or expecting mother in your life!

Here’s some gifts I found online to have shipped to that special mom!!

This mug is hilarious!! It’s definitely on my “to order list” for mom. ? For only $10.49 maybe add a Starbucks gift card and you’re set! Oh, and you’ll get to see mom laugh!!
Yes, it’s a coloring book. I’ve heard many people say coloring relieves stress. Give mom this coloring book and she’ll be sure to think of you while she destressing! Also, this would be an adorable gift to a mommy from a child. ?

White Frosted Glass Pedestal Stand - 12.5In by World Market 12.5In

Growing up, my mom always loved milk glass. This white cake plate is like a classy modern day milk glass. In fact, I have one of my own displayed on my open shelves . I know my mom would love it and use it for every occasion. Also, white dishes are very stylish right now!!

My grandmother would also love this cake plate. Yum, I imagine her chocolate cake displayed on it right before I dig in and stuff my face!! ?

Ps- This product is from World Market, and they are offering free shipping right now as a Mother’s Day special. Have it delivered right to mom’s door!!

Like I mentioned earlier, my sister is due to be a new mommy in October. She stays insanely busy, so I seriously doubt she’ll journal but I know if she had this little book she would totally write one line a day.

A few months ago I saw this little book in a bookstore, and I was totally blown away. The goal is to write one line a day for the first five years of your little’s life. This is a beautiful way to preserve special memories. No doubt, I’ll be getting this for my big sister’s first Mother’s Day and I know she’ll love it.

I saved my favorite for last. If you’re like me, mom is in another state and you won’t be seeing her for Mother’s Day.  Something about this little mug makes me feel like Texas isn’t so far away. If you’re struggling being away from your mom, maybe you should order one for yourself too!! This mug would mean so much to my mom.

Mother’s Day can be hard/complicated for some people. Find a way to celebrate your mom, grandmother, daughter or any mom figure in your life. Life is too short to not celebrate each other. Okay, now I’m in tears!!


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