Bringing Outside Inside

A few days ago I noticed our unruly privets starting to bloom white. I absolutely LOVE white florals. I’ve spent many minutes the past few days admiring them. Finally I decided to enjoy them inside in our home too! 

I snipped an armful of branches and dropped them in a glass jar  of water. Now I have a fresh look in the dining room and it was free! 

Do I know how long these will last? I have no clue. It could be a day or it could be three days. Either way we’re gonna enjoy them! Why not? Like I said they were FREE!! (So long as you don’t count our mortgage payment.) They smell absolutely amazing!

I encourage you to look around to see what you can find to bring the outside inside! This can add so much life to your space and joy to your heart. Oh and let me repeat for the third time..IT’S FREE! (Well sorta..)  


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