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Christmas Gift Guide for HER!

So I’ve already done several Christmas gift guides. We’re getting very close to December, y’all! It’ll soon be RUSH, RUSH, RUSH season. I usually try to finish my Christmas shopping early so I can enjoy all the delights of the season.

So here’s a gift guide for “her”. Happy Shopping!!



Links Below! 

Glitter Slippers – Click HERE

Custom Recipe Hand Towel – Click HERE

Est. Pillow – Click HERE

Satin Robe – Click HERE

Pajama Set – Click HERE (Perfect for Christmas Eve)

Body Scrub – Click HERE (Only $7.99)

Welcome Mat – Click HERE (Only $12.99)

Sweater Pouf – Click HERE

Pendant Necklace – Click HERE

Quilted Bedding – Click HERE

Sweet Dreams Pillow Cases Set – Click HERE (Only $14.99)

Metal Entryway Bench – Click HERE

Ottoman – Click HERE

Soft Cardigan – Click HERE

Lace Bralette – Click HERE (Only $14.97)

New Balance Shoes – Click HERE

“I Am Freaking Cold” Sweater – Click HERE

Gray Blanket – Click HERE

Box of Bath Bombs – Click HERE



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